A final act of closure – the end.

There’s nothing sadder than a neglected blog so Alphabet Dances is closing. Blogs reflect life and as life changes they have to keep up or stagnate. I enjoyed my time here. It reflected the first two years of my part-time creative writing degree at Hull University where I rediscovered my love of poetry. It has provided some balance – a reminder of how there are stranger things in heaven and earth Horatio. Alongside my allotment and fossil-hunting beach walks these are the corners of my life. It’s a good life. At least, I like it. In September the course resumes with a range of new modules. It will be a while before we return to poetry and I have a PhD to do. There is only so far I can stretch.

Keeping multiple blogs is a challenge. My work blog http://suewatling.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk is my primary online identity and maintaining this is important to me. http://labyrinths.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk worked well for a while but is another example of how people move on without always taking their blogs with them. Yet through Walking the Labyrinth I’ve been invited to provide the text for the Labyrinth Festival at Lincoln Cathedral during August 2014. I’m delighted to be doing so.

Maybe something will evolve from Alphabet Dances. I like to think nothing is ever wasted.  When the creating writing degree returns to poetry, maybe I will come back here.

For now, rather than looking forgotten and neglected – this is the last post.

A final act of closure.

The end.

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