Michael Blackburn in The Echo Room

Michael Blackburn mblackurn@lincoln.ac.uk lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln is featured in the relaunched poetry magazine, The Echo Room, http://www.pighog.co.uk/titles/the-echo-room.html with a long poem and an acknowledgement in the Editor’s introduction for his part in the revival of poetry in the UK since the 1980s. The Echo Room, edited by Brendan Cleary, was one of the most important magazines devoted to finding and promoting new poetic talent for over a decade. Alongside older poets such as Ken Smith it published new voices, including Simon Armitage, Geoff Hattersley, Judi Benson, Matthew Caley and Jackie Wills. This relaunched issue contains work by new poets such as Helen Mort, John Davies and Alex Brockhurst alongside some of the original crew. It’s a solid 80+ pages in A4 format and you can find further information at Pighog Press: www.pighog.co.uk


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